Your AI help desk Employee. No onboarding time. No set up costs.

zofiQ is your team's new best friend. We supercharge your technicians by helping them solve tickets faster and automate the resolution of tickets they are tired of dealing with. zofiQ cuts down your workload all while maintaining and improving itself.

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Automations for MSPs and IT teams powered by AI

Don't get bogged down in months of costly RPA set up only to find out you have a fragile new tool to manage. Get set up with zero cost and nearly instant onboarding to a platform that helps solves tickets faster and reduces ticket volume. Your team will thank you.

Product Features

What can zofiQ do for you?


    Unlike traditional RPA tools, get up and running with valuable automations on day 1.

    No need to manually maintain or update workflows. zofiQ ensures that when a workflow changes it automatically keeps itself up to date.


    zofiQ helps technicians resolve tickets faster, reducing TTR and poor escalations.


    Reduce alert fatigue and never miss an actionable alert again.

    Automations to solve repetitive ticket types, freeing up your time for more important work.


    Reduce Reactive Hours per Endpoint per Month (RHEM) with smart automations that stop tickets before they happen.

RPA without the set up

Automated workflows that work out of the box and customize themselves to your processes, no clunky building or maintaining required.

Let zofiq monitor your workflows (8)

Path to Resolution notes right in your tickets

Reduce TTR by giving your team the most relevant information right at their fingertips, from scripts to customer info, to detailed resolution steps from trusted KB sources, your tickets just got a whole lot easier to solve.

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PSA and RMM agnostic

We meet you where you are. No more tab switching.

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Ready to break free from manual processes, ticket overload, and fragile RPA?

Onboard your new AI employee today.

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What our users are saying

"Since implementing zofiQ, we've seen a dramatic improvement in our efficiency. Our technicians can now focus on resolving complex issues while zofiQ handles the mundane tasks."

Gord Hynes, CEO

Meet Your New AI Help Desk Employee

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