What can your AI employee do for you?

zofiQ sits on top of your PSA and RMM and from day one saves you time and money
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  • Path to Resolution Notes

    zofiQ enriches your tickets with MSP and IT specific information, and relevant customer information. An assistant doing the upfront work for your technicians so when they open a ticket they are equipped to resolve any issue thrown their way and keep customers happy.
  • MSP and IT Trained Pipelines

    Trained on best-in-class KB articles as well as your internal KBs means these aren't generic answers. Relevant information you techs need when they need it most.
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Effortless onboarding

Months to set up RPA? A thing of the past.
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  • Set up in minutes

    Simply provide zofiQ with your API key for your PSA and RMM and you're up and running. It's that easy.
  • AI powered automations

    No need to build workflows or deal with clunky drag and drop UIs. Simply let zofiQ run and the automations discover and maintain themselves.
  • Save time and money

    With impactful automations, your team will be freed up to offer better customer service and work on proactive, revenue generating projects.
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Want a Workflow Automated?

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